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Name Code(s)
Stat Codes 16
Max Speed Codes 4
Speed Codes 2

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC8C264C 144160FC
Monster Points 4CC02C78 1456B00C
4CC02C76 1456E00C
All Gold Medals 1CB571E8 61DFB00C
1CB571E4 61DFB00C
1CB571E0 61DFB00C
1CB571DC 61DFB00C
1CB571D8 61DFB00C
1CB571D4 61DFB00C
1CB571D0 61DFB00C
1CB571CC 61DFB00C
1CB571C8 61DFB00C
1CB571EC 61DFB00C
1CB571F0 61DFB00C
1CB571F4 61DFB00C
Outrageous Speed 1 1CC02EA0 D396E7A5
Dead On The Line 2 1CC02EA0 1456F025

# Note
1 Use this code or Dead On The Line.
2 Use this code or Outrageous Speed.

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