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Name Code(s)
Monkey Fables Codes 21
Comic Strips Codes 18
Soundtracks Codes 51
Secret Photos Codes 51
Enemy Photos Codes 28
Movies Codes 9
Concept Art Codes 92
Unlock Monkey Fable Codes 21
Unlock Enemy Photo Codes 55
Unlock Concept Art Codes 101
Unlock Mini-Game/Movie/RC Car Codes 0
Unlock Mini-Game Codes 4
Unlock Movie Codes 17
Unlock RC Car Codes 9
Have All Monkeys Caught Codes (Part 1) 121
Miscellaneous Codes 16
Unlock Soundtrack Codes 101
Unlock Stage Photo Codes 53
Have All Monkeys Caught Codes (Part 2) 113
Have All Monkeys Caught Codes (Part 3) 63
Unlock Secret Photo Codes 101
Unlock Comic Strip Codes 18
If You Turn Any of These Next Codes On And Then Try To Spend Coins In The "Gotcha Box", The Game Will Crash! 7
Page 2 34
Page 1 5
Comic Codes 17
Secret Photo Codes 50
Enemy Photo Codes 53
Soundtrack Codes 50
Movie Codes 8
Jimmy's Speed 2
Unlock Monkey Fables Codes 20
Unlock Comic Codes 17
Master Unlock Codes 8
Unlock Codes 0
If You Turn These Codes On, Then Try To Spend Coins In The Gotcha Box, The Game Will Crash 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE84C85E BCA99C80
Full Pack A' Cookies CEA0E572 BCA99BB5
Jackets CEA0E576 BCA99BE6
999 Coins CEA0E57E BCA99E6A

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