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Name Code(s)
Player 1 Codes 118
Player 2 Codes 121
Miscellaneous Codes 2
P1 Codes 14
P2 Codes 14
Infinite Items - Magic Slots 50
P1 Infinite Items-Magic Slots 50
P2 Infinite Items-Magic Slots 50

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
60 Hertz Mode DE91D786 E0BD9A43
DE91D21E E0BB9B85
Unlock Extreme Mode & Char FEBA3CDE BCA99BA2
L3 During Pause For Debug Menu 0EB20078 BCA99A80
Infinite Money DE490EDA BC413102
All Skills Maxed Out DE956DE2 E0B99B92
Quick Experience (1000 XP Per Kill) DE936C3A E02E9E6B
Quick Experience (10000 XP Per Kill) DE936C3A E02EC292
Infinite Rejuv. Potion Use DE9512A2 BCA99B83
Infinite Health Potion Use DE951D96 BCA99B83
Press L2 For Max Items 0EB20078 BCA99982
DE941532 E0AF9BB5
0EB20078 BCA99982
DE94153A 5E4F9B87
0EB20078 BCA99A82
DE941532 424F9B87
0EB20078 BCA99A82
DE94153A D0E99B91
Disable A.I. DE990F16 BF899B8B
DE990F12 BCA99B83

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