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Name Code(s)
Character 1 Codes 5
Character 2 Codes 5
Character 3 Codes 5
Character 4 Codes 5
Character 5 Codes 5
Character 6 Codes 5
All Character Codes 12
Kharg Codes 5
Paulette Codes 5
Maru Codes 5
Darc Codes 5
Delma Codes 5
Densimo Codes 5
Ganz Codes 5
Volk Codes 5
Camellia Codes 5
Bebedora Codes 5
Tatjana Codes 5
Samson Codes 5
Pyron Codes 2
Pyron's Mood Is... 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Start A New Game With Max Gold DE9B43B6 C1999B83
Money Increases When Used DE85CC46 BC0BB3A4
Infinite Health DE87FEB6 E0B99E6A
DE87FE46 62799B8B
Ultra Quick Experience Gain DE8D8D12 F8B9A073
All Skills/Max Sp DE8FFFBE E0B1C292
DE8FFF46 60119B91
DE86A54A C8AC9A53
Infinite Stones (Menu) DE8770DA E0AB9E6A
Slow Kharg DE9D5FDA FBA99B83
Fast Kharg DE9D5FDA FCE99B83
Giant Kharg DE9D5FE6 FCC99B83
Small Kharg DE9D5FE6 FBE99B83
Press Select For Debug Menu (Features Walk Thru Walls) DE8859A2 BCA99B83

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