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Name Code(s)
Final Results Codes 7
Rank Codes 70
Total Results Codes 7
Low Completed Stage Time Codes 25
Item/Equipment Modifier Codes (ADVANCED USERS ONLY) [Special Note 1] 13
Max Item/Equipment Codes 12
Normal Difficulty Finished Rank Modifier Codes 23
Hard Difficulty Finished Rank Modifier Codes 23
Dante Must Die Difficulty Finished Rank Modifier Codes 23
Max Spider Codes 2
Health Codes 4
Devil Trigger Codes 13
Vision Codes 2

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
Open All Game Modes 3C6B50D3 FFFFFFFF
Infinite Health 3C53A423 87CCFEFE
Infinite Devil Trigger 2C53A7C1 F8FC03FE
Always 0 Saves 3C5223DF FFFFFFFF
Max Red Orbs At End Stage 3C6B58CB 85F19EFF
Stop Countdown Timer 3C52194F F8FC30FE
Infinite Red Orbs 3C6B57F3 85F19EFF
Infinite Yellow Orbs 3C6B57DF F8FCFBD7
Always 3 Blue Orbs 3C6B57F7 F8FCFEF3
Master All Moves 3C6B57E7 7FFEFEFE
Attack Rank Never Resets 3C0A2AD7 F8FCFEFE
Invisible Dante 3C539D5F F8FCFEF1
Beer Goggles 3C5306CF F8FDDE26
Clear Vision Underwater 3C5306CF F8FCDE26

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