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Name Code(s)
Player 1 Codes 7
Player 2 Codes 7
Miscellaneous Codes 3
Health Codes 17
P1 Health Codes 5
P2 Health Codes 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) EC83D240 1446911C Hacc
P1 Can Perform Moves in Mid-Air 3CDF9BFB 1456E7A5 Hacc
P2 Can Perform Moves in Mid-Air 3CDFA1CB 1456E7A5 Hacc
P1 Invisible 3CDF98EF 1456E7A5 Hacc
P2 Invisible 3CDF9EBF 1456E7A5 Hacc
Disable Background 1C820BF0 1456E7A5 Hacc
Slow Motion Mode 1C9B8548 204EE725
1C9B854C FF56B00C
1C9B8550 374Eb00C
1C9B8554 15F6E79D
1C8761CC 0C53E71D

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