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Name Code(s)
Challenge Mode 34
Multiplayer 8
Credits Codes 7
Health Codes 4
Boost Codes 4
Ammo 1 Codes 4
Ammo 2 Codes 6
Multiplayer Mode 0
Player 1 Codes 4
Player 2 Codes 4

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC87A2E8 1456E60A
Infinite Health 4CBE3C9C 145653CD
Infinite Boost 4CBE3CA0 14564285
Infinite Ammo 1 3CBE4760 1456E751
Infinite Ammo 2 3CBE47E0 1456E7AD
Temperature 4CBE3F36 145624DE
Tons Of Credits 1CAE1028 17E9C70C
All Missions Completed 3CAE102C 1456E7A6
1CAE10F8 1654E5A7
1CAE10FC 1654E5A7
1CAE1000 1654E5A7
1CAE1004 1654E5A7
1CAE1008 1654E5A7
1CAE100C 1654E5A7
1CAE1010 1654E5A7
1CAE1014 1654E5A7
1CAE1018 1654E5A7
1CAE101C 1654E5A7

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