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Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Save Anywhere DE474EF2 BFA9C8B0
Infinite Stamina/Power DE8175FE BC1A9E6B
Big Jumps/Quick Runner DE817582 BCD99B8D
Revolver+Ammo Slot 1 CE4A0558 BCA9FE85
Machine Gun+Ammo Slot 2 CE4A055A BCA9FE86
Flamethrower+Ammo Slot 3 CE4A0564 BCA9FE87
Iron Pipe+Ammo Slot 4 CE4A0566 BCA9FE88
Sword+Ammo Slot 5 CE4A0560 BCA9FE89
Extinguisher+Ammo Slot 6 CE4A0562 BCA9FE8A
Grenade+Ammo Slot 7 CE4A056C BCA9FE8B
Handgun+Ammo Slot 8 CE4A056E BCA9FE84
Bazooka Ammo Slot 9 CE4A0568 BCA9FE8E
Shuriken+Ammo Slot 10 CE4A056A BCA9FE8D
Have Lots Of Bio-Chips DE4A048E 20C59B83
DE4A048A 20BFFF98
DE4A0496 20BDFF9A
DE4A0492 20C1FF9C
DE4A049E 20C3FF9E

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