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Name Code(s)
Unlock Course Codes 12

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC89CC30 1456E60A
999 Race Points 4CDA4304 1456E404
Badlands Open 4C5D0138 1456E7A6
Manitoba Mills 4C5D01B8 1456E7A6
Kodiak Pipe Open 4C5D0038 1456E7A6
Salem's Backlot Open 4C5D00B8 1456E7A6
Red Rocks Open 4C5D0338 1456E7A6
Somer's Raceway Open 4C5D03B8 1456E7A6
Taramac Ranch Open 4C5D0238 1456E7A6
Syracuse Open 4C5D05B8 1456E7A6
Latrobe Open 4C5D0438 1456E7A6
Tupelo Open 4C5D04B8 1456E7A6
Sanata Fe Open 4C5D0738 1456E7A6
Menifee Open 4C5D07B8 1456E7A6

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