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Name Code(s)
Dave Mirra Codes 12
Ryan Nyquist Codes 13
Troy McMurray 4
Mike Laird Codes 12
Tim Mirra Codes 12
Kenan Harkin Codes 12
Leigh Ramsdell Codes 14
Joey Garcia Codes 12
Rick Moliterno Codes 12
Todd Lyons Codes 12
Luc-E Codes 12
Scott Wirch Codes 12
Colin Mackay Codes 4
Zach Shaw Codes 13
Slim Jim Guy Codes 13
Secret Character 1 Codes 5
Secret Character 2 Codes 5
Have Bikes/Outfit Codes 17
Unlock Movies Codes 14
Unlock Levels - Dave Mirra 7
Unlock Levels - Ryan Nyquist 7
Unlock Levels - Troy McMurray 7
Unlock Levels - Mike Laird 7
Unlock Levels - Tim Mirra 7
Unlock Levels - Kenan Harkin 7
Unlock Levels - Leigh Ramsdell 7
Unlock Levels - Joey Garcia 7
Unlock Levels - Rick Moliterno 7
Unlock Levels - Todd Lyons 7
Unlock Levels - Luc-E 7
Unlock Levels - Scott Wirch 7
Unlock Levels - Colin Mackay 7
Unlock Levels - Zach Shaw 7
Unlock Levels - Slim Jim Guy 7
Unlock Levels - Mike Dias 7
Unlock Levels - Amish Boy 7
Max Stats Codes 84
Have All Objectives Complete Codes 96
Troy Mcmurray Codes 0
Unlock Movie Codes 15
Troy McMurry Codes 8
Colin Mackey Codes 8
Mike Dias Codes 8
Amish Boy Codes 8
Unlock Bikes And Outfits Codes 17
Unlock Movies 14
Unlock Level Codes 15
Unlock All Bikes 15

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC88A74C 1456E60A
Stop Timer Proquest 1CBB1C90 145657A5
All Levels Open: Dave Mirra 1CB8FFD4 1456E7A6
1CB8FF18 1456E7A6
1CB8FEA0 1456E7A6
1CB8FEE4 1456E7A6
1CB80128 1456E7A6
1CB8016C 1456E7A6
1CB801B0 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Ryan Nyquist 1CB803E0 1456E7A6
1CB8039C 1456E7A6
1CB80268 1456E7A6
1CB802AC 1456E7A6
1CB802F0 1456E7A6
1CB80534 1456E7A6
1CB80578 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Troy Mcmurray 1CB807A8 1456E7A6
1CB80764 1456E7A6
1CB80630 1456E7A6
1CB806FC 1456E7A6
1CB806B8 1456E7A6
1CB80674 1456E7A6
1CB80940 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Mike Laird 1CB80B70 1456E7A6
1CB80B2C 1456E7A6
1CB80BF8 1456E7A6
1CB80AC4 1456E7A6
1CB80A80 1456E7A6
1CB80A3C 1456E7A6
1CB80A08 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Tim Mirra 1CB80F38 1456E7A6
1CB80CF4 1456E7A6
1CB80FC0 1456E7A6
1CB80E8C 1456E7A6
1CB80E48 1456E7A6
1CB80F04 1456E7A6
1CB80ED0 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Kenan Harkin 1CB810BC 1456E7A6
1CB81000 1456E7A6
1CB81388 1456E7A6
1CB81254 1456E7A6
1CB81310 1456E7A6
1CB813CC 1456E7A6
1CB81298 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Leigh Ramsdell 1CB814C8 1456E7A6
1CB81484 1456E7A6
1CB81750 1456E7A6
1CB8171C 1456E7A6
1CB817D8 1456E7A6
1CB81794 1456E7A6
1CB81660 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Joey Garcia 1CB81890 1456E7A6
1CB8184C 1456E7A6
1CB81818 1456E7A6
1CB81BE4 1456E7A6
1CB81BA0 1456E7A6
1CB81B5C 1456E7A6
1CB81A28 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Rick Moliterno 1CB81C58 1456E7A6
1CB81D14 1456E7A6
1CB81CE0 1456E7A6
1CB81FAC 1456E7A6
1CB81F68 1456E7A6
1CB81C24 1456E7A6
1CB81FF0 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Todd Lyons 1CB82120 1456E7A6
1CB821DC 1456E7A6
1CB820A8 1456E7A6
1CB82374 1456E7A6
1CB82330 1456E7A6
1CB820EC 1456E7A6
1CB823B8 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Luc - E 1CB825E8 1456E7A6
1CB825A4 1456E7A6
1CB82470 1456E7A6
1CB8273C 1456E7A6
1CB824F8 1456E7A6
1CB824B4 1456E7A6
1CB82780 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Scott Wirch 1CB829B0 1456E7A6
1CB8296C 1456E7A6
1CB82838 1456E7A6
1CB82804 1456E7A6
1CB828C0 1456E7A6
1CB8287C 1456E7A6
1CB82B48 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Colin Mackay 1CB82D78 1456E7A6
1CB82D34 1456E7A6
1CB82D00 1456E7A6
1CB82CCC 1456E7A6
1CB82C88 1456E7A6
1CB82C44 1456E7A6
1CB82C10 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Zach Shaw 1CB83140 1456E7A6
1CB82EFC 1456E7A6
1CB831C8 1456E7A6
1CB83094 1456E7A6
1CB83050 1456E7A6
1CB8310C 1456E7A6
1CB830D8 1456E7A6
All Levels Open: Slim Jim Guy 1CB83208 1456E7A6
1CB832C4 1456E7A6
1CB83590 1456E7A6
1CB8345C 1456E7A6
1CB83518 1456E7A6
1CB835D4 1456E7A6
1CB834A0 1456E7A6
All Bikes: Dave Mirra 4CB8FCC0 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Ryan Nyquist 4CB80088 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Troy Mcmurray 4CB80450 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Mike Laird 4CB80918 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Tim Mirra 4CB80DE0 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Kenan Harkin 4CB811A8 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Leigh Ramsdell 4CB81570 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Joey Garcia 4CB81938 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Rick Moliterno 4CB81A00 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Todd Lyons 4CB81EC8 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Luc - E 4CB82290 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Scott Wirch 4CB82658 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Colin Mackay 4CB82B20 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Zach Shaw 4CB82FE8 1456E5A2
All Bikes: Slim Jim Guy 4CB833B0 1456E5A2

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