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Name Code(s)
Stat Codes 16
Max Speed Codes 4
Speed Codes 2

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC8FECD0 1442AB54
Max Boost 4CB87D78 1456E7B2
Max Shot Accuracy 4CB87D9C 1456E7B2
Max Number Dropped 4CB87DC0 1456E7B2
Max Blast Radius 1 4CB87DE4 1456E7B2
Max Blast Radius 2 4CB87C50 1456E7B2
Max Shield Str 4CB87D08 1456E7B2
Max Invisibility 4CB87C2C 1456E7B2
Max Spray Time 4CB87C74 1456E7B2
Max Chain Length 4CB87C98 1456E7B2
Max Accelerator 4CB87FB8 1456E7B2
Max Top Speed 4CB87FDC 1456E7B2
Max Handling 4CB87F00 1456E7B2
All Characters 4CBF94E8 1456E7B7
All Tracks 4CBF94F0 1456E7A0
All Battle Arenas 4CBF94F8 1456E7A1
Enable Hidden Modes 4CBF96CC 1456E7A6
Lowered Max Speed 4CBF96C6 1456F065
Super Max Speed 4CBF96C6 14562725
Super Low Max Speed 4CBF96C6 1456F125
Infinite Time 4CBFAA00 1456E7A5

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