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Name Code(s)
Parts For Sale In Shop Codes 16
System Info Codes 5
Have Unread Mail Codes 55
Have Read Mail Codes 55
Cash Codes 20
Extra Body Parts 15

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC879C0C 1456E60A
Have Max Cash 4CAE0FA8 1456C70C
4CAE0FA6 1456EA12
Inf Ap 4CBE3B1C 14564E2E
Inf Power 4CBE3B20 14564285
Temperature Always 0 4CBE3AB6 1456E7A5
Infinite Right Ammo 4CBE42E0 1456E751
Infinite Back Ammo 4CBE4560 1456E788
4CBE45E0 1456E788
Inf Inside Ammo 4CBE4460 1456E788
Inf Extension Ammo 4CBE44E0 1456E788
Start In 1st Place 0CAE0FBC 1426E7A6
4CAE0FBC 1456E7A6
Human Plus Upgrades 4CAE0FAA 1456B00C
Quick Arena Wins 4CBE72FC 1456E7A5
Overweight Mechs 4CD8AB48 1456089C
4CD8A61E 1456089C
4CD8A7B0 1456089C
More Back Weapons 4CD8BBEA 1456E6A6
1CD8BBF0 1355E6A6
1CD8BBF4 1355E6A6
4CD8BBAA 1456E6A6
1CD8BBB0 1355E6A6
1CD8BBB4 1355E6A6
Droppin' Like Flies 4CA5CE0C 1456E7A5
4CA5D08C 1456E7A5
4CA5D30C 1456E7A5
4CA5D58C 1456E7A5
4CA5D40C 1456E7A5
4CA5D68C 1456E7A5
4CA5D90C 1456E7A5
4CA5DB8C 1456E7A5
4CA5DA0C 1456E7A5
4CA5DC8C 1456E7A5
4CA5DF0C 1456E7A5
4CA5E18C 1456E7A5
4CA5E00C 1456E7A5
4CA5E28C 1456E7A5
4CA5E50C 1456E7A5
4CA5E78C 1456E7A5
4CA5E60C 1456E7A5
4CA5E88C 1456E7A5
4CA5EB0C 1456E7A5
4CA5ED8C 1456E7A5
4CA5EC0C 1456E7A5
4CA5E88C 1456E7A5
4CA5F38C 1456E7A5
4CA5F20C 1456E7A5
Extra Heads 1CD8B618 1355E6A6
1CD8B61C 1355E6A6
1CD8B620 1355E6A6
Extra Torsos 1CD8B958 1355E6A6
4CD8B95C 1456E6A6
Extra Arms 1CD8B998 1355E6A6
1CD8B99C 1355E6A6
1CD8B9A0 1355E6A6
1CD8B9A4 1355E6A6
1CD8B9A8 1355E6A6
4CD8B9AC 1456E6A6
3CD8B9AA 1456E7A6
Extra Legs 1CD8B9D8 1355E6A6
1CD8B9DC 1355E6A6
1CD8B9E0 1355E6A6
1CD8B9E4 1355E6A6
1CD8B9E8 1355E6A6
1CD8B9EC 1355E6A6
1CD8B9F0 1355E6A6
4CD8B9F4 1456E6A6
3CD8B9F2 1456E7A6
Extra Boosters 1CD8B918 1355E6A6
4CD8B91C 1456E6A6
3CD8B91A 1456E7A6
Extra Fcs 1CD8B858 1355E6A6
1CD8B85C 1355E6A6
4CD8B860 1456E6A6
Extra Generators 1CD8B898 1355E6A6
1CD8B89C 1355E6A6
Extra Radiators 1CD8B8D8 1355E6A6
1CD8B8DC 1355E6A6
Extra Inside Parts 1CD8B818 1355E6A6
4CD8B81C 1456E6A6
3CD8B81A 1456E7A6
Extra Extensions 1CD8BB58 1355E6A6
1CD8BB5C 1355E6A6
Extra Back Units R 1CD8BB98 1355E6A6
1CD8BB9C 1355E6A6
1CD8BBA0 1355E6A6
1CD8BBA4 1355E6A6
1CD8BBA8 1355E6A6
3CD8BBAD 1456E7A6
Extra Back Units L 1CD8BBD8 1355E6A6
1CD8BBDC 1355E6A6
1CD8BBE0 1355E6A6
1CD8BBE4 1355E6A6
1CD8BBE8 1355E6A6
3CD8BBED 1456E7A6
Extra Arm Units R 1CD8BB18 1355E6A6
1CD8BB1C 1355E6A6
1CD8BB20 1355E6A6
1CD8BB24 1355E6A6
1CD8BA28 1355E6A6
1CD8BA2C 1355E6A6
3CD8BA30 1456E7A6
Extra Arm Units L 1CD8BA58 1355E6A6
1CD8BA5C 1355E6A6
3CD8BA60 1456E7A6
Extra Optional Parts 1CD8BA98 1355E6A6
1CD8BA9C 1355E6A6
1CD8BAA0 1355E6A6
1CD8BAA4 1355E6A6

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