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Name Code(s)
Enable Levels - Beginner 3
Enable Levels - Intermediate 7
Enable Levels - Expert 7
Gold Medal - Beginner 6
Gold Medal - Intermediate 7
Gold Medal - Expert 7
Unlock Player Codes 4
Enable Beginner Level Codes (Trophy Mode) 3
Enable Intermediate Level Codes (Trophy Mode) 7
Enable Expert Level Codes (Trophy Mode) 7
Have Beginner Medal Modifier Codes (Trophy Mode) 6
Have Intermediate Medal Modifier Codes (Trophy Mode) 7
Have Expert Medal Modifier Codes (Trophy Mode) 7
Use Only One 'Race In...' Code At A Time 4
Unlock Track Codes 0
Beginner Tracks 9
Intermediate Tracks 14
Expert Tracks 19
Gold Medal Codes 0
Car Modifier 4

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Unlock All Trophy Modes CEAE6DA2 BCA99D88
Unlock Tokyo - Beginner CEAE6C32 BCA99B83
Unlock Florida - Beginner CEAE6C2A BCA99B83
Unlock Sydney - Beginner CEAE6CC6 BCA99B83
Unlock Las Vegas - Inter CEAE6C1A BCA99B83
Unlock Singapore - Inter CEAE6C26 BCA99B83
Unlock Hong Kong - Inter CEAE6C2E BCA99B83
Unlock Tokyo - Inter CEAE6C1E BCA99B83
Unlock Florida - Inter CEAE6CCE BCA99B83
Unlock Sydney - Inter CEAE6C22 BCA99B83
Unlock Toronto - Inter CEAE6C16 BCA99B83
Unlock Las Vegas - Expert CEAE6C7A BCA99B83
Unlock Singapore - Expert CEAE6C06 BCA99B83
Unlock Hong Kong - Expert CEAE6C0E BCA99B83
Unlock Tokyo - Expert CEAE6C7E BCA99B83
Unlock Florida - Expert CEAE6C0A BCA99B83
Unlock Sydney - Expert CEAE6C02 BCA99B83
Unlock Geneva - Expert CEAE6C12 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Las Vegas - Beginner CEAE6EEE BCA99B83
Gold Medal Singapore - Beginner CEAE6EE8 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Hong Kong - Beginner CEAE6EEA BCA99B83
Gold Medal Tokyo - Beginner CEAE6EF4 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Florida - Beginner CEAE6EF6 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Sydney - Beginner CEAE6EF0 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Las Vegas - Inter CEAE6DFE BCA99B83
Gold Medal Singapore - Inter CEAE6DF8 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Hong Kong - Inter CEAE6DFA BCA99B83
Gold Medal Tokyo - Inter CEAE6D84 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Florida - Inter CEAE6D86 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Sydney - Inter CEAE6D80 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Toronto - Inter CEAE6D82 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Las Vegas - Expert CEAE6D8E BCA99B83
Gold Medal Singapore - Expert CEAE6D88 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Hong Kong - Expert CEAE6D8A BCA99B83
Gold Medal Tokyo - Expert CEAE6D94 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Florida - Expert CEAE6D96 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Sydney - Expert CEAE6D90 BCA99B83
Gold Medal Geneva - Expert CEAE6D92 BCA99B83
Unlock Pilot - Free Race CEAE6C96 BCA99B84
Unlock Kim 1 - Free Race CEAE6C92 BCA99B84
Unlock Kim 2 - Free Race CEAE6C9E BCA99B84
Unlock Kim 3 - Free Race CEAE6C9A BCA99B84
Points - Championship CEAE6E24 BCA99BE6

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