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Name Code(s)
Tournament Codes 10
Player 1 Fish Caught Codes 2
Opponent Fish Caught Codes 6
Tournament Only Codes 10

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC83F308 1445D7BC
Fish Caught P1 4CAE018C 1456E79E
Fish Caught P1 4CAE018C 1456E7A5
Fish Caught Opp 4CAE0190 1456E79E
Fish Caught Opp 4CAE0190 1456E7A5
Infinite Time Arcade 4CAE0142 145617A5
Max Total Weight P1 4CAE0174 14560950
Total Weight Opp 4CAE0178 14560950
Instant Win Arcade 4CAE0142 1456E7A5
4CAE018C 1456E79E
4CAE0174 14560950
Heavy Bass 1-tournament 4CC039A4 1456F7A6
Long Bass 1-tournament 4CC039A8 1456E7D5
Heavy Bass 2-tournament 4CC039B0 145627A6
Long Bass 2-tournament 4CC039B4 1456E7D2
Heavy Bass 3-tournament 4CC039BC 14562AA6
Long Bass 3-tournament 4CC039C0 1456E765
Heavy Bass 4-tournament 4CC039C8 145617A6
Long Bass 4-tournament 4CC039CC 1456E762
Heavy Bass 5-tournament 4CC039D4 145647A6
Long Bass 5-tournament 4CC039D8 1456E775

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