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Name Code(s)
Activate Cheat Codes (Only Activate One) 8
Mode Type 8
Player 1 Is Always... 14
Player 2 Is Always... 13

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC8E3130 1456E60A
Enable Extra Modes 4CB7561C 1456B00C
4C8ADF54 1456B00C
Sudden Death Only 4CB75618 1456E7A6
No Guard Only 4CB75618 1456E7A7
Hard Mode Only 4CB75618 1456E7A8
Knock-down Mode Only 4CB75618 1456E7A1
High Speed Mode Only 4CB75618 1456E7A2
Low Speed Mode Only 4CB75618 1456E7A3
H.beast Mode Only 4CB75618 1456E7A4
Sumo Mode Only 4CB75618 1456E79D
P1 Is Alice 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A6
P1 Is Bakuryu 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A7
P1 Is Busuzima 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A8
P1 Is Gado 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A1
P1 Is Jenny 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A2
P1 Is Long 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A3
P1 Is Shiva 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A4
P1 Is Shenlong 4C8AD4C2 1456E79D
P1 Is Xion 4C8AD4C2 1456E79E
P1 Is Stun 4C8AD4C2 1456E79F
P1 Is Uriko 4C8AD4C2 1456E7A0
P1 Is Yugo 4C8AD4C2 1456E799
P1 Is Kohryu 4C8AD4C2 1456E79A
P1 Is Uranus 4C8AD4C2 1456E79B
P2 Is Alice 4C8AD41A 1456E7A6
P2 Is Bakuryu 4C8AD41A 1456E7A7
P2 Is Busuzima 4C8AD41A 1456E7A8
P2 Is Gado 4C8AD41A 1456E7A1
P2 Is Jenny 4C8AD41A 1456E7A2
P2 Is Long 4C8AD41A 1456E7A3
P2 Is Shiva 4C8AD41A 1456E7A4
P2 Is Shenlong 4C8AD41A 1456E79D
P2 Is Xion 4C8AD41A 1456E79E
P2 Is Stun 4C8AD41A 1456E79F
P2 Is Uriko 4C8AD41A 1456E7A0
P2 Is Yugo 4C8AD41A 1456E799
P2 Is Kohryu 4C8AD41A 1456E79A
P2 Is Uranus 4C8AD41A 1456E79B

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