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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code(s)
Player Status Codes 12
Max Item Codes 25
Legion Codes 35
Max Legion Exp Codes 7
Player Condition Codes 4
Player Stats 4
Item Codes 50
Stage Results Codes 4
Player Stat Codes 4
Stage Result Codes 4
There May Be Extended Loading Times With Codes Active 1

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Max Health CE42E2B0 BCA99E6B
Infinite Health CE44653A BCA99E6B
Max Soul CE42E3F4 BCA9A05F
Infinite Soul CE42E3EA BCA9A05F
Moon Jump 0E429178 BCA95A82
DE44786A 7B499B85
Mega Moon Jump 0E429178 BCA95A82
DE44786A 7BA89B85
Insane Moon Jump 0E429178 BCA95A82
DE44786A 7C099B83
Extra Mode With All Movies DE42EE4E BCA99B91
All Legions Available FE42E3E5 BCA99B82
All Legions-Max Force DE42E28E DECBBDA5
All Legions-Max Assist DE42E282 DECBBDA5
All Legions-Max Enchant DE42E286 DECBBDA5
All Legions-Max Attack DE42E2FE 332012FA
All Legions-Max Defense DE42E2FA 332012FA
Guilt Max Experience DE42E296 F7436482
Hatred Max Experience DE42E292 F7436482
Malice Max Experience DE42E29E F7436482
Arrogance Max Experience DE42E2A6 F7436482
Flawed Max Experience DE42E2A2 F7436482
Blasphemy Max Experience DE42E2AE F7436482
Thanatos Max Experience DE42E2AA F7436482

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