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Name Code(s)
Max HP Codes 6
Infinite HP Codes 6
Max Water Level Codes 6
Weapon Codes 11
Infinite Active Item Codes 3
House Codes 91
Have Piece Completed Codes 14
All Anti's Maxed 109
Ruby-Weapon Codes (Part 1) 0
Weapon 1 Codes 66
Max Stats Codes 960
Weapon 2 Codes 66
Weapon 3 Codes 66
Weapon 4 Codes 66
Weapon 5 Codes 66
Ruby-Weapon Codes (Part 2) 0
Weapon 6 Codes 66
Weapon 7 Codes 66
Weapon 8 Codes 66
Weapon 9 Codes 66
Weapon 10 Codes 66
Muska Racka Config/Assembly Item Modifier Codes 120
Misc. Codes 5
Max Active Item Codes 3
Character Codes 0
Toan Codes 5
Xiao Codes 5
Goro Codes 5
Ruby Codes 5
Ungaga Codes 5
Osmond Codes 5
Matataki Village Config/Assembly Item Modifier Codes 120
Item Modifier Codes 60
Osmond-Weapon Codes (Part 1) 0
Quantity Digits 8
Osmond-Weapon Codes (Part 2) 0
Xiao-Weapon Codes (Part 1) 0
Toan-Weapon Codes (Part 1) 0
Queens Config/Assembly Item Modifier Codes 120
Xiao-Weapon Codes (Part 2) 0
Toan-Weapon Codes (Part 2) 0
Ungaga-Weapon Codes (Part 1) 0
Ungaga-Weapon Codes (Part 2) 0
Goro-Weapon Codes (Part 1) 0
Goro-Weapon Codes (Part 2) 0
Norune Village Config/Assembly Item Modifier Codes 120
All Georama Parts Complete 0
Nolun Village (Note: Go Into The Divine Beast Cave 1st Level For These Codes To Work!) 17
Matataki Village (Go Into The Wise Owl Forest 1st Level For Codes To Work!) 20
Queens Village (Go Into The Shipwreck 1st Level For Codes To Work!) 14
Muska Racka Village; (Go Into The SunMoon Temple 1st Level For Codes To Work, Then In 0
Queens Village Go Into The Shipwreck 1st Level For Codes To Work!) 14
Yellow Drops Village (Go Into The Moon Sea 1st Level For Codes To Work!) 14
Story Of The East King Go Into The Moon Sea 1st Level For Codes To Work! 12
Cash Codes 6
Toan Health Codes 4
Xion Health Codes 4
Goro Health Codes 4
Ruby Health Codes 4
Ungaga Health Codes 4
Osmond Health Codes 12
Nolun Village 0
Go Into The Divine Beast Cave 1st Level For These Codes To Work 17
Matataki Village 0
Go Into The Wise Owl Forest 1st Level For These Codes To Work 20
Queens Village 0
Go Into The Shipwreck 1st Level For These Codes To Work 14
Muska Racka Village 0
Go Into The Sunmoon Temple 1st Level For These Codes To Work 14
Yellow Drops Village 0
Go Into The Moon Sea 1st Level For These Codes To Work 26
Story Of The East King 0

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC8393F8 1456E79B
Infinite Cash 4D5C5BB6 1456B00C
Max Fish Points 4D5CC444 1456089C
Everyone Max HP 4D5C1676 1456E7DD
1D5C167C 140EE7DD
1D5C1680 140EE7DD
4D5C1684 1456E7DD
Everyone Infinite HP 4D5C1682 1456E7DD
1D5C1688 140EE7DD
1D5C168C 140EE7DD
4D5C1690 1456E7DD
Everyone Max Water 7D5C5B60 1458E7A6
7A5F8328 1456E7A5
Everyone Inf Water 7D5C5B78 1458E7A6
7A5F8328 1456E7A5
Max Water Level - Toan 4D5C5B5E 145625DD
Max Water Level - Xiao 4D5C5B62 145625DD
Max Water Level - Goro 4D5C5B66 145625DD
Max Water Level - Ruby 4D5C5B6A 145625DD
Max Water Level - Ungaga 4D5C5B6E 145625DD
Max Water Level - Osmond 4D5C5B72 145625DD
Weap 1-max Elements 3D5C5D93 1456E788
1D5C5D98 F5734488
3D5C663B 1456E788
1D5C6640 F5734488
3D5C70E3 1456E788
1D5C70E8 F5734488
3D5C7D8B 1456E788
1D5C7D90 F5734488
3D598633 1456E788
1D598638 F5734488
3D5990DB 1456E788
1D5990E0 F5734488
Weap 1-max Fire 3D5C5D93 1456E788
Weap 1-max Ice 3D5C5D98 1456E788
Weap 1-max Thunder 3D5C5D99 1456E788
Weap 1-max Wind 3D5C5D96 1456E788
Weap 1-max Holy 3D5C5D97 1456E788
Weap 1 Anti Max - Toan 1D5C5D9C F5734488
1D5C5DA0 F5734488
4D5C5DA4 14564488
Weap 2 Anti Max - Toan 1D5C5C94 F5734488
1D5C5C98 F5734488
4D5C5C9C 14564488
Weap 3 Anti Max - Toan 1D5C5F8C F5734488
1D5C5F90 F5734488
4D5C5F94 14564488
Weap 4 Anti Max - Toan 1D5C5E84 F5734488
1D5C5E88 F5734488
4D5C5E8C 14564488
Weap 5 Anit Max - Toan 1D5C617C F5734488
1D5C6180 F5734488
4D5C6184 14564488
Weap 6 Anit Max - Toan 1D5C6074 F5734488
1D5C6078 F5734488
4D5C607C 14564488
Weap 7 Anit Max - Toan 1D5C636C F5734488
1D5C6370 F5734488
4D5C6374 14564488
Weap 8 Anit Max - Toan 1D5C6264 F5734488
1D5C6268 F5734488
4D5C626C 14564488
Weap 9 Anit Max - Toan 1D5C655C F5734488
1D5C6560 F5734488
4D5C6564 14564488
Weap10 Anti Max - Toan 1D5C6454 F5734488
1D5C6458 F5734488
4D5C645C 14564488
Infinite Active Item 1 4D5C5BDC 1456E79E
Infinite Active Item 2 4D5C5BDA 1456E79E
Infinite Active Item 3 4D5C5BE0 1456E79E
Norune - My House 4D481F84 1456E7A6
Norune - Macho House 4D481E6C 1456E7A6
Norune - Laura House 4D482154 1456E7A6
Norune - Paige House 4D48203C 1456E7A6
Norune - Claude House 4D482024 1456E7A6
Norune - Hag's House 4D48230C 1456E7A6
Norune - Alnet House 4D4822F4 1456E7A6
Norune - Gaff's Buggy 4D4825DC 1456E7A6
Norune - Dran Windmill 4D4824C4 1456E7A6
Norune - S.windmill 1 4D4827AC 1456E7A6
Norune - S.windmill 2 4D482694 1456E7A6
Norune - S.windmill 3 4D48297C 1456E7A6
Norune - Pond 4D482864 1456E7A6
Norune - Trees 4D482B4C 1456E7A6
Norune - Road 4D482A34 1456E7A6
Norune - River 4D482A1C 1456E7A6
Norune - Bridge 4D482D04 1456E7A6
Matataki - Pao's House 4D481F84 1456E7A6
Matataki - Cacao House 4D481E6C 1456E7A6
Matataki - Bunbu House 4D482154 1456E7A6
Matataki - K&m's House 4D48203C 1456E7A6
Matataki - Baron House 4D482024 1456E7A6
Matataki - Cousc House 4D48230C 1456E7A6
Matataki - Gob's House 4D4822F4 1456E7A6
Matataki - Mushr House 4D4825DC 1456E7A6
Matataki - Well 1 4D4824C4 1456E7A6
Matataki - Well 2 4D4827AC 1456E7A6
Matataki - Well 3 4D482694 1456E7A6
Matataki - Watermill 1 4D48297C 1456E7A6
Matataki - Watermill 2 4D482864 1456E7A6
Matataki - Watermill 3 4D482B4C 1456E7A6
Matataki - W.owl Shop 4D482A34 1456E7A6
Matataki - Tree 4D482A1C 1456E7A6
Matataki - River 4D482D04 1456E7A6
Matataki - Bridge 4D482CEC 1456E7A6
Matataki - Earth A 4D482FD4 1456E7A6
Matataki - Earth B 4D482EBC 1456E7A6
Queens - Ruty's Store 4D4DEC34 1456E7A6
Queens - Suzy's Store 4D4DEC1C 1456E7A6
Queens - Lana's Store 4D4DEF04 1456E7A6
Queens - Jack's Store 4D4DEEEC 1456E7A6
Queens - Joker House 4D4DF1D4 1456E7A6
Queens - Divin House 4D4DF0BC 1456E7A6
Queens - Cathedral 4D4DF3A4 1456E7A6
Queens - Basker Store 4D4DF28C 1456E7A6
Queens - King Hideout 4D4DF574 1456E7A6
Queens - Sher Office 4D4DF45C 1456E7A6
Queens - Fountain 4D4DF744 1456E7A6
Queens - Leaning Tower 4D4DF62C 1456E7A6
Queens - Tree 4D4DF614 1456E7A6
Queens - Road 4D4DF9FC 1456E7A6
Muska - Chief's House 4D4DEC34 1456E7A6
Muska - Jibubu's House 4D4DEC1C 1456E7A6
Muska - Zabo's House 4D4DEF04 1456E7A6
Muska - 3 Sister's House 4D4DEEEC 1456E7A6
Muska - Brooke's House 4D4DF1D4 1456E7A6
Muska - Enga's House 4D4DF0BC 1456E7A6
Muska - Prisoner Cabin 4D4DF3A4 1456E7A6
Muska - Toto's House 4D4DF28C 1456E7A6
Muska - Totem Pole A 4D4DF574 1456E7A6
Muska - Totem Pole B 4D4DF45C 1456E7A6
Muska - Totem Pole C 4D4DF744 1456E7A6
Muska - Oasis 4D4DF62C 1456E7A6
Muska - Tree 4D4DF614 1456E7A6
Muska - Road 4D4DF9FC 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Amr 4D481E6C 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Hd 4D481F84 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Aml 4D482154 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Hgr 4D48203C 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Hgl 4D482024 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Hgr2 4D48230C 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Hgl2 4D4822F4 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Ct 4D4825DC 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Wt 4D4824C4 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts T1r 4D4827AC 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts T1l 4D482694 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Ftr 4D48297C 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Parts Ftl 4D482864 1456E7A6
Y.drops - Lookout 4D482B4C 1456E7A6
E.king - Crowning Day 4D4DEC34 1456E7A6
E.king - N.o.tceremony 4D4DEC1C 1456E7A6
E.king - R.i.t Storm 4D4DEF04 1456E7A6
E.king - 1st Campaign 4D4DEEEC 1456E7A6
E.king - M.o.t West 4D4DF1D4 1456E7A6
E.king - The Deal 4D4DF0BC 1456E7A6
E.king - Dark Power 4D4DF3A4 1456E7A6
E.king - The Assassin 4D4DF28C 1456E7A6
E.king - M.b.protected 4D4DF574 1456E7A6
E.king - Birth Of Demon 4D4DF45C 1456E7A6
E.king - Things Lost 4D4DF744 1456E7A6
E.king - Departure 4D4DF62C 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 1 Complete 4D481FA8 1456E7A6
4D481FC8 1456E7A6
4D481FE8 1456E7A6
4D481F08 1456E7A6
4D481E28 1456E7A6
4D481E48 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 2 Complete 4D481E90 1456E7A6
4D481EB0 1456E7A6
4D481ED0 1456E7A6
4D481EF0 1456E7A6
4D481E10 1456E7A6
4D482130 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 3 Complete 4D482178 1456E7A6
4D482198 1456E7A6
4D4821B8 1456E7A6
4D4821D8 1456E7A6
4D4821F8 1456E7A6
4D482118 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 4 Complete 4D482060 1456E7A6
4D482080 1456E7A6
4D4820A0 1456E7A6
4D4820C0 1456E7A6
4D4820E0 1456E7A6
4D482000 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 5 Complete 4D482348 1456E7A6
4D482368 1456E7A6
4D482388 1456E7A6
4D4823A8 1456E7A6
4D4823C8 1456E7A6
4D4823E8 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 6 Complete 4D482230 1456E7A6
4D482250 1456E7A6
4D482270 1456E7A6
4D482290 1456E7A6
4D4822B0 1456E7A6
4D4822D0 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 7 Complete 4D482218 1456E7A6
4D482538 1456E7A6
4D482558 1456E7A6
4D482578 1456E7A6
4D482598 1456E7A6
4D4825B8 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 8 Complete 4D482500 1456E7A6
4D482520 1456E7A6
4D482440 1456E7A6
4D482460 1456E7A6
4D482480 1456E7A6
4D4824A0 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 9 Complete 4D4824E8 1456E7A6
4D482408 1456E7A6
4D482728 1456E7A6
4D482748 1456E7A6
4D482768 1456E7A6
4D482788 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 10 Complete 4D4827D0 1456E7A6
4D4827F0 1456E7A6
4D482710 1456E7A6
4D482630 1456E7A6
4D482650 1456E7A6
4D482670 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 11 Complete 4D4826B8 1456E7A6
4D4826D8 1456E7A6
4D4826F8 1456E7A6
4D482618 1456E7A6
4D482938 1456E7A6
4D482958 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 12 Complete 4D4829A0 1456E7A6
4D4829C0 1456E7A6
4D4829C0 1456E7A6
4D4829E0 1456E7A6
4D482900 1456E7A6
4D482920 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 13 Complete 4D482888 1456E7A6
4D4828A8 1456E7A6
4D4828C8 1456E7A6
4D4828E8 1456E7A6
4D482808 1456E7A6
4D482B28 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 14 Complete 4D482B70 1456E7A6
4D482B90 1456E7A6
4D482BB0 1456E7A6
4D482BD0 1456E7A6
4D482BF0 1456E7A6
4D482B10 1456E7A6
Vil.piece 15 Complete 4D482A58 1456E7A6
4D482A78 1456E7A6
4D482A98 1456E7A6
4D482AB8 1456E7A6
4D482AD8 1456E7A6
4D482AF8 1456E7A6

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