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Name Code(s)
Sion Codes 7
Volt Codes 7
Kou Codes 7
Learn Move Codes 11
Sion Barzahd Codes 8
Volt Krueger Codes 8
Kou Leifoh Codes 8
End Of Stage Codes 11
Rank Modifier Codes 12

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC878D98 1456E60A
Vs Characters 1CAC5480 1456300C
Vs.mode 's': Sion 1D4F20AC 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Volt 1D4F233C 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Kou 1D4F23CC 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Ehidna 3D4F22C7 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Dauragon1 3D4F22CC 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Dauragon2 3D4F22CD 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Dauragon3 3D4F22CA 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Megetsu1 3D4F22CB 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Megetsu2 3D4F22D0 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Pd-4 3D4F22D1 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Dominique 3D4F22CE 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Kaldea 3D4F22CF 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Wong 3D4F22D4 1456E7A4
Vs.mode 's': Leann 3D4F22D5 1456E7A4
All Skills - Sion 1D4F20A8 1456E78C
All Skills - Volt 1D4F2338 1456E78C
All Skills - Kou 1D4F23C8 1456E70C
Sion - Max Pts 1D4F20E8 1455692C
Sion - Full Life Stats 1D4F208C 1456089C
Sion - Max Life Stats 1D4F2094 1456089C
Sion - Full Defense Stats 1D4F2098 1456089C
Sion - Max Defense Stats 1D4F20A0 1456089C
Sion - Max Power Stats 1D4F20A4 1456089C
Volt - Max Pts 1D4F2378 1455692C
Volt - Full Life Stats 1D4F201C 1456089C
Volt - Max Life Stats 1D4F2024 1456089C
Volt - Full Defense Stats 1D4F2328 1456089C
Volt - Max Defense Stats 1D4F2330 1456089C
Volt - Max Power Stats 1D4F2334 1456089C
Kou - Max Pts 1D4F2308 1455692C
Kou - Full Life Stats 1D4F23AC 1456089C
Kou - Max Life Stats 1D4F23B4 1456089C
Kou - Full Defense Stats 1D4F23B8 1456089C
Kou - Max Defense Stats 1D4F23C0 1456089C
Kou - Max Power Stats 1D4F23C4 1456089C
Max Bouncer Points - Stat 1CAC4390 1455692C
Max Life Up - Stat 1CA3F0E8 1456E7A4
Max Power Up - Stat 1CA3F0EC 1456E7A4
Max Defense Up - Stat 1CA3F0F0 1456E7A4
Learn Move 1 1CA3F0F4 1456E7A6
Learn Move 2 1CA3F0F8 1456E7A6
Learn Move 3 1CA3F0FC 1456E7A6
Learn Move 4 1CA3F000 1456E7A6
Learn Move 5 1CA3F004 1456E7A6
Learn Move 6 1CA3F008 1456E7A6
Learn Move 7 1CA3F00C 1456E7A6

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