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Name Code(s)
Both Disc Codes 23
Mission Clear Screen Codes 8
Bloody Palace Codes 5
Have Amulet Codes 10
Max Item Codes 14
Normal Difficulty Finished Rank Modifier Codes [See Special Note 1] 19
Hard Difficulty Finished Rank Modifier Codes [See Special Note 2] 19
Dante/Lucia Must Die Difficulty Finished Rank Modifier Codes [See Special Note 3] 19
Disc 1 Only Codes 11
Have Weapon In Powerup Menu Codes [Special Note 4] 5
Disc 2 Only Codes 10
Have Weapon In Powerup Menu Codes [Special Note 5] 5
Max Gun/Arsenal 4
Max Sword Levels 8
Item Codes 28
Equipment 16
Load A Game For 4
Rank After Mission 5
Overall S Rankings 54
Character Modifier 4
Use The Following Costumes Only On Disc 1 9
Devil Trigger Fill Codes 11
Max Weapon Level Codes 12
Iron Key Codes 2
Gate Key Codes 2
Evilheart Codes 2
Sacrilege Codes 2
Arcana Spada Codes 2
Acrana Calice Codes 2
Arcana Medaglia Codes 2
Arcana Bastone Codes 2
Equipment Codes 18
End Of Mission S Rank Stats 5
S Rank Codes 0
Normal Difficulty 13
The Following Mission Codes Are To Be Used On Disc 1 Only! 17
Hard Difficulty 13
Dante Must Die Difficulty 13

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Play As Trish CE47EBAE BCA99D84
Play As Secretary CE47EBAE BCA9A284
Play As Dante-C1 CE47EBAE BCA99B83
Play As Dante-C2 CE47EBAE BCA99F84
Play As Dante-C3 CE47EBAE BCA9A184
Play As Lucia-C1 CE47EBA9 BCA99C83
Play As Lucia-C2 CE47EBA9 BCA9A084
Play As Lucia-C3 CE47EBA9 BCA99E84
Can't Be Touched FE48FA2F BCA99B88
Always SHOWTIME!! FE48FA11 BCA99B82
Max Health CE48065A BCA9C292
Infinite Health DE48065E E3B8C292
Infinite Jump CE48FB28 BCA99C84
Max Devil Trigger DE48FB0E E3B8C292
Infinite Devil Trigger CE48FB0C BCA9C292
All Guns FE48F96E BCA99B92
All Swords FE48F969 BCA99B92

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