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Name Code(s)
System Info Codes 2
Objective Complete Codes 101
Parts For Sale In Shop Codes 15
Cash Codes 14
Extra Body Parts 15

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC878260 1432EE9C
Max Cash 1CA82828 17E9C70C
Infinite Ap 4CA7F06C 14564E2E
Infinite Power 4CA7F070 14564E2E
Infinite Right Ammo 4CA7FB30 1456E788
Infinite Back Ammo 4CA7FBB0 1456E788
4CA7FA30 1456E788
Infinite Inside Ammo 4CA7FAB0 1456E788
Infinite Op Part Slots 4CDC25B4 1456E7A5
Overweight Mechs 4CDF7D20 1456089C
4CDF7906 1456089C
4CDF7408 1456089C
Extra Heads 1CDFBF98 1355E6A6
1CDFBF9C 1355E6A6
1CDFBFA0 1355E6A6
4CDFBFA4 1456E6A6
Extra Cores 3CDFBFD8 1456E7A6
4CDFBFD6 1456E6A6
Extra Arms 1CDFBF18 1355E6A6
1CDFBF1C 1355E6A6
1CDFBF20 1355E6A6
1CDFBF24 1355E6A6
1CDFBE28 1355E6A6
1CDFBE2C 1455E6A6
Extra Legs 1CDFBE58 1355E6A6
1CDFBE5C 1355E6A6
1CDFBE60 1355E6A6
1CDFBE64 1355E6A6
1CDFBE68 1355E6A6
1CDFBE6C 1355E6A6
1CDFBE70 1355E6A6
1CDFBE74 1355E6A6
1CDFBE78 1455E6A6
Extra Boosters 1CDFBE98 1355E6A6
1CDFBE9C 1455E6A6
Extra Fcs 1CDFBED8 1355E6A6
4CDFBEE0 1456E6A6
Extra Generators 1CDFBE18 1355E6A6
1CDFBE1C 1355E6A6
Extra Radiators 1CDFC158 1355E6A6
1CDFC15C 1355E6A6
Extra Inside Parts 1CDFC198 1355E6A6
1CDFC19C 1355E6A6
4CDFC1A0 1456E6A6
Extra Extensions 1CDFC1D8 1355E6A6
1CDFC1DC 1355E6A6
4CDFC1E0 1456E6A6
Extra Back Units R 1CDFC118 1654E5A7
1CDFC11C 1654E5A7
1CDFC120 1654E5A7
1CDFC124 1654E5A7
1CDFC028 1654E5A7
1CDFC02C 1654E5A7
1CDFC030 1654E5A7
1CDFC034 1654E5A7
1CDFC038 1654E5A7
1CDFC03C 1654E5A7
4CDFC040 1456E5A7
Extra Back Units L 1CDFC058 1654E5A7
1CDFC05C 1654E5A7
1CDFC060 1654E5A7
1CDFC064 1654E5A7
1CDFC068 1654E5A7
1CDFC06C 1654E5A7
1CDFC070 1654E5A7
1CDFC074 1654E5A7
1CDFC078 1654E5A7
1CDFC07C 1654E5A7
4CDFC080 1456E5A7
Extra Arm Units R 1CDFC098 1355E6A6
1CDFC09C 1355E6A6
1CDFC0A0 1355E6A6
1CDFC0A4 1355E6A6
1CDFC0A8 1355E6A6
1CDFC0AC 1355E6A6
1CDFC0B0 1355E6A6
3CDFC0B4 1456E7A6
Extra Arm Units L 1CDFC0D8 1355E6A6
1CDFC0DC 1355E6A6
4CDFC0E0 1456E6A6
Extra Optional Parts 1CDFC018 1355E6A6
1CDFC01C 1355E6A6
1CDFC020 1355E6A6
1CDFC024 1355E6A6

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