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Name Code(s)
Player 1 Codes 7
Player 2 Codes 7
Miscellaneous Codes 3
Health Codes 17
P1 Health Codes 5
P2 Health Codes 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC83D240 1446911C
Infinite Health P1 4CDF9BEC 1456F5A5
4CDF9BEA 1456F5A5
4CDF9BF0 1456F5A5
Hit Kills P1 4CDF9BF0 1456E7A6
Infinite Health P2 4CDFA1BC 1456F5A5
4CDFA1BA 1456F5A5
4CDFA1C0 1456F5A5
Hit Kills P2 4CDFA1C0 1456E7A6
P1 Super Jumps 0CDF98E6 1426E7C5
4CDF98E6 1456E755
P1 Warp Left: Press Select+R2 0CD47B76 1456B20B
4CDF98E2 1456B125
P1 Warp Right: Press Select+R1 0CD47B76 1456B80B
4CDF98E2 1456E5A5
P2 Super Jumps 0CDF9EB6 1426E7C5
4CDF9EB6 1456E755
P2 Warp Left: Press Select+R2 0CD47816 1456B20B
4CDF9EB2 1456B125
P2 Warp Right: Press Select+R1 0CD47816 1456B80B
4CDF9EB2 1456E5A5
Only Use Throws 1C835638 94D4E7A5
1C835650 94B4E7A5
1C835668 98D3E7A5
1C83566C 98B4E7A5
1C835958 94D4E7A5
1C835970 94B4E7A5

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