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Name Code(s)
Activate Cheat Codes 8
Have Blueprint Codes 7
Only Need 1 Scrap Part Blueprint Codes 6
Have Formula Codes 5
Have Formula DNA Codes 7
Lab-Home Sweet Home Codes 2
Have Mission Completed Codes 86
Totltec-The Junkyard Codes 3
Totltec-The Vats Codes 3
Totltec-The Factory Codes 3
Aqeum-The Lagoon Codes 3
Aqeum-The Oil Rig Codes 3
Aqeum-Hydro Station Codes 3
Aqeum-Water Works Codes 3
Flotos-The Sphere Codes 3
Flotos-The Cube Codes 3
Flotos-The Furnaces Codes 3
Flotos-Jupiter City Codes 3
Mazon-The Workshop Codes 3
Lab Codes 3
Totltec J.Yard Codes 11
Totltec Vats Codes 11
Totltec Factory Codes 11
Aqeum Lagoon Codes 11
Aqeum Oil Rig Codes 11
Aqeum Hydro Codes 11
Aqeum W.Works Codes 11
Flotos Sphere Codes 11
Flotos Cube Codes 11
Flotos Furnaces Codes 11
Flotos Jupiter Codes 11
Mazon Workshop Codes 12
Formula Codes 13

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Max Hearts CEA4BF32 BCA99BE6
Infinite Jump CE928F5A BCA99C84
Invincible DEBDDA7A BCA99B84
Can't Die From Damage DEBDDA7E BCA99B84
Go Anywhere DE92E8FE BCA99B84
Max Overall Isotopes CEA4B80A BCA9AB1D
Max Overall Terra CEA4B816 BCA99BD9

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