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Name Code(s)
Health Codes 8

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On ECB52F58 14345B9C
Infinite Shield Energy 4CC88EE8 1456E7A8
Infinite Comet Energy 4CC88EE0 1456E751
Infinite Credits 4CC88EEC 1456E7A1
4CC88ED4 1456E7A1
Loads Of Gems 0CC88E04 1456E7A6
4CC88E04 1456E788
Infinite Ice Enhancer 4CC88ECC 1456E79F
Infinite Fire Enhancer 4CC88EC8 1456E79F
Infinite Health 4CC88ED8 1456E7D7
Infinite Homing Enhancer 4CC88EF8 1456E79F
Infinite Bounce Enhancer 4CC88EFC 1456E79F
Infinite Double Enhancer 4CC88EF4 1456E79F

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