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Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On ECB55868 1456E60A
Infinite Spirit 4CD44608 1456EB9C
Max Exp 1CDF0228 17E9C70C
Infinite Gold 1CDF023C 17E9C70C
Infinite Power Gem 4CDF0244 1456089C
Infinite Necrystal 4CDF0240 1456089C
Infinite Ooze 4CDF0248 1456089C
Infinite Ammo 4CDF024C 1456089C
Infinite HP 1DFD5848 1453A1E1
Max Strength 1CDF0318 1456E404
Max Intellect 1CDF031C 1456E404
Max Health 1CDF0320 1456E404
Max Research 1CDF026C 17E9C70C
Max Military 1CDF0270 17E9C70C
Max Economic 1CDF0274 17E9C70C
Year - 1806 4CDFD086 1456B00C

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