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Name Code(s)
Turn Riffleman DF Into 4
Turn Demolition DF Into 4
Turn Heavy DF Into 4
Turn Sniper DF Into 8
Turn Heavy SAS Into 4
Turn Demolition SAS Into 4
Turn Sniper SAS Into 4
Turn US Marines Into 4
Turn Iraqui Soldier Into 2
Turn Iraqi Officer Into 2
Turn Iraqi NT Officer Into 2
Turn Kuwaiti Civilians Into 2
Speed Codes 3
Turn Rifleman DF Into... 4
Turn Demolition DF Into... 4
Turn Heavy DF Into... 4
Turn Sniper DF Into... 4
Turn Rifleman SAS Into... 4
Turn Heavy SAS Into... 4
Turn Demolition SAS Into... 4
Turn Sniper SAS Into... 4
Turn U.S. Marines Into... 4
Turn Iraqi Soldier Into... 2
Turn Iraqi Officer Into... 2
Turn Iraqi NT Officer Into... 2
Turn Kuwaiti Civilians Into... 2

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Health DE887B3A F8AADE99
DE887BC2 682A9BE3
Disable AI DEA1CE22 BCA99B84
Infinite/Max Ammo DE83AAE2 E0AB9E6A
Infinite Ammo Main Weapon DE83F2AE BCA99B83
Infinite Medpacks DE83A94A BCA99B83
Infinite Grenades DE84FFFA BCA99B83
Hypermode DEA051E6 FCE99B83
Hypermode DEA051E6 FCA99B83
Slomo DEA051E6 FBE99B83

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