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Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On ECB8850C 143AFE1C
Mega Jump 1CC8C538 D3D6E7A5
Raising Glide 1CC8C558 2A56E7A5
Infinite Batarangs 4C2064CA 1456E79C
Infinite Batcuffs 4C2064D6 1456E79C
Infinite Stunners 4C2064CE 1456E79C
Infinite Remote Charges 4C2064D2 1456E79C
Infinite Nets 4C2064D4 1456E79C
Infinite Electric Batarangs 4C2064D0 1456E79C
Infinite Flash Bombs 4C2064D8 1456E79C
Infinite Health 3C20647E 1456E7DD
Unlock All Levels 3C13F3E8 1456E7B4
Unlock Cinematics 4C13F26C 1456B00C
Have All Items 1C13F264 61DFB00C
All Cheats Available 4C13F26A 1456B00C
Perfect Level Scores 1C13F270 0E4CDD9F
1C13F274 0E4CDD9F
1C13F278 0E4CDD9F

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