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Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
0C1A6183 F88DDC7F
Inf Boost 2C27A5A9 F8FC3F7E
Super Score 2C27A6A1 F8FC02BC
Inf Time 3C2A3E97 BBFCFEFE
Enable Downtown 3C29B287 F8FCFEF1
Hideaway Low Time 3C29B28B F8FCFEFE
Hideaway 0 Falls 2C29B28F F8FCFEFE
Hideaway 99 Best Combo 2C29B293 F8FCFE53
Hideaway Super Score 3C29B297 4C3EC03A
Hideaway Grade A 2C29B29B F8FCFEF1
Enable Industrial Level 3C29B29F F8FCFEF1
Downtown Low Time 3C29B2A3 F8FCFEFE
Downtown 0 Falls 2C29B2A7 F8FCFEFE
Downtown 99 Best Combo 2C29B2AB F8FCFE53
Downtown Super Score 3C29B2AF 4C3EC03A
Downtown Grade A 2C29B2B3 F8FCFEF1
Enable Storage Level 2C29B2B7 F8FCFEF1
Industrial Low Time 3C29B2BB F8FCFEFE
Industrial 0 Falls 2C29B2BF F8FCFEFE
Industrial 99 Best Combo 2C29B2C3 F8FCFE53
Industrial Super Score 3C29B2C7 4C3EC03A
Industrial Grade A 2C29B2CB F8FCFEF1
Enable Corporate Hq 2C29B3CF F8FCFEF1
Storage Low Time 3C29B3D3 F8FCFEFE
Storage 0 Falls 2C29B3D7 F8FCFEFE
Storage 99 Best Combo 2C29B3DB F8FCFE53
Storage Super Score 3C29B3DF 4C3EC03A
Storage Grade A 2C29B3E3 F8FCFEF1
Enable Penthouse 2C29B3E7 F8FCFEF1
Corporate Hq Low Time 3C29B3EB F8FCFEFE
Corporate Hq 0 Falls 2C29B3EF F8FCFEFE
Corporate Hq 99 Best Combo 2C29B3F3 F8FCFE53
Corporate Hq Super Score 3C29B3F7 4C3EC03A
Corporate Hq Grade A 2C29B3FB F8FCFEF1
Penthouse Hq Low Time 3C29B303 F8FCFEFE
Penthouse Hq 0 Falls 2C29B307 F8FCFEFE
Penthouse Hq 99 Best Combo 2C29B30B F8FCFE53
Penthouse Hq Super Score 3C29B30F 4C3EC03A
Penthouse Hq Grade A 2C29B313 F8FCFEF1

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