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Name Code(s)
Unlock Stages 12

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC89866C 1456E60A
Plenty Of Race Pts 3CD901A4 1456E77B
Ravage 1000 Unlocked 4CD965FC 1456E7A6
Badlands Unlocked 4C45F228 1456E7A6
M Mills Unlocked 4C45F2A8 1456E7A6
K.pipeline Unlocked 4C45F528 1456E7A6
S.backlot Unlocked 4C45F5A8 1456E7A6
Red Rocks Unlocked 4C45F428 1456E7A6
S Raceway Unlocked 4C45F4A8 1456E7A6
Tam Ranch Unlocked 4C45F728 1456E7A6
Syracuse Unlocked 4C45F6A8 1456E7A6
Latrobe Unlocked 4C45F928 1456E7A6
Tupelo Unlocked 4C45F9A8 1456E7A6
Santa Fe Unlocked 4C45F828 1456E7A6
Menifee Unlocked 4C45F8A8 1456E7A6

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