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Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8E266E BCB980B2
All Songs DE979D5E BBA89A82
P1 Full Dance Meter CE498E18 BCA99F82
P1 Empty Dance Meter CE498E18 BCA99B83
P1 Huge Score DE498E2E F7436482
P1 Huge Combo 0E498CE6 BCA99B84
CE498CE6 BCA9C292
P1 Max Perfect CE498D66 BCA9C292
P1 No Perfect CE498D66 BCA99B83
P1 Max Great CE498D62 BCA9C292
P1 No Great CE498D62 BCA99B83
P1 Max Good CE498D6E BCA9C292
P1 No Good CE498D6E BCA99B83
P1 Max Almost CE498D6A BCA9C292
P1 No Almost CE498D6A BCA99B83
P1 Max Boo CE498D76 BCA9C292
P1 No Boo CE498D76 BCA99B83
P1 Always Aaa Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B84
P1 Always Aa Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B85
P1 Always A Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B86
P1 Always B Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B87
P1 Always C Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B88
P1 Always D Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B89
P1 Always E Rank CE498DC2 BCA99B8A
P2 Full Dance Meter CE44434C BCA99F82
P2 Empty Dance Meter CE44434C BCA99B83
P2 Huge Score DE444352 F7436482
P2 Huge Combo 0E44410A BCA99B84
CE44410A BCA9C292
P2 Max Perfect CE44428A BCA9C292
P2 No Perfect CE44428A BCA99B83
P2 Max Great CE444296 BCA9C292
P2 No Great CE444296 BCA99B83
P2 Max Good CE444292 BCA9C292
P2 No Good CE444292 BCA99B83
P2 Max Almost CE44429E BCA9C292
P2 No Almost CE44429E BCA99B83
P2 Max Boo CE44429A BCA9C292
P2 No Boo CE44429A BCA99B83
P2 Always Aaa Rank CE444276 BCA99B84
P2 Always Aa Rank CE444276 BCA99B85
P2 Always A Rank CE444276 BCA99B86
P2 Always B Rank CE444276 BCA99B87
P2 Always C Rank CE444276 BCA99B88
P2 Always D Rank CE444276 BCA99B89
P2 Always E Rank CE444276 BCA99B8A

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