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Name Code(s)
Use Only One Of The Following Codes 4
Codes Beginning With "0" Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 9
Only Use One 'Driver' Code 4
Driver Position Modifier Codes 4

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC907FE0 143C2534
Infinite Fare Time 4CBA872C 1456E00C
Max Cash Earned 1CBA8408 17E9C70C
Big Drift Combo 4CD23A78 1456E404
Balloon Left 4CD23C3C 1456E7A6
Speed Burst: Press R1+L3 0CD23730 1456E59D
4CA7267E 145629A5
Ultra Speed: Press L3 0CD23730 1456E5A5
4CA7267E 14561FA5
Driver Is Always Axel 0CD248C0 1456E675
3CBA4FC0 1456E7A6
Driver Is Always Bd Joe 0CD248C0 1456E675
3CBA4FC0 1456E7A7
Driver Is Always Gena 0CD248C0 1456E675
3CBA4FC0 1456E7A8
Driver Is Always Gus 0CD248C0 1456E675
3CBA4FC0 1456E7A1
More Time: Press Square 0CD23730 1456E6A5
4CBA84F4 1456E7A5
No Time: Press Select 0CD23730 1456E6A5
4CBA84F4 1456E7A5
999 Customers 4CD23E0C 1456E404

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