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Name Code(s)
Lives Codes 10

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC8E61F0 14426784
One Lap Races 4CA86734 1456E7A6
No Competition 4CAB3CC4 1456E7A5
Unlock Story Levels 4CAB3E64 1456B00C
Unlock Arcade Modes 3CAB3E98 1456E70C
Unlock All Racers 4CAB4134 1456B00C
Infinite Lives 4CA8659C 1456E788
Always In The Zone 1CA865FC 1456E7DD
Jump To Lap 3: Press R2 DC937E23 14253EE7
1CA86738 1456E7A7
1CA86768 1456E7A7
Jump To Lap 6: Press L2 DC938123 14253EE7
1CA86738 1456E7A2
1CA86768 1456E7A2
Low Times 1CA8693C 1456E7A5
1CA86968 1456E7A5
1CA5398C 1456E7A5
1CA86994 1456E7A5
1CA5377C 1456E7A5
1CA53DAC 1456E7A5

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