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Name Code(s)
Player 1 Codes 39
Left Fist Power-Up 89
Right Fist Power-Up 78
Player 2 Codes 34
Unlock Characters 30
Unlock Skins 46
Boxers Life Codes 56
Only Use One 'Special' Code Per Character 32
Enable Characters 5
Enable Skins 18
Boxers Life Unlocked 18
Power-Up Codes 38
Next Power-Up Codes 18
P1 Arm P-U Assigns 38
P2 Arm P-U Assigns 38
Health Codes 4
Power Up Codes 12
Unlock Character Codes 10
Unlock Costumes 18
Boxer's Life Unlocked 18
Player 1 Has... 19
Player 2 Has... 19
Next Power Up Is... 18
Player 1 Right Arm Power Up Is... 19
Player 1 Left Arm Power Up Is... 19
Player 2 Right Arm Power Up Is... 19
Player 2 Left Arm Power Up Is... 19
In Game Cheat Codes 0
Intercontinental Mode 2
Second Skin Unlocked 2
All Boxers Unlocked 2
Scrap Yard Scene 2
Conversation Mode 2
Invulnerable Boxer 1 2
Invulnerable Boxer 2 2
All Boxer's Life 2
Double Speed Active 2
Constant Power Up Boxer 1 2
Constant Power Up Boxer 2 2
Player 1 Body Mods 14
P1 Health Codes 5
P2 Health Codes 5
P1 Specials Codes 4
P2 Specials Codes 4
Unlock Costume Codes 19

Name Code Hacker(s)
[M] Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8E1762 BCB982F2
P1 Infinite Health DE71226A 02C5DB83
P1 Low Health DE71226A FFB99B83
P2 Infinite Health DE709D0E 02C5DB83
P2 Low Health DE709D0E FFB99B83
Infinite Round Time DE97A962 BCA99D78
P1 Auto Power-Up DE70D2C2 FDC99B83
P1 Power-Up Level 1 DE70D2C2 FDC99B83
P1 Power-Up Level 2 DE70D2C2 FDC99B83
P1 No Power-Ups DE70D2C2 BCA99B83
P1 Max PowerUp Lvl 1 DE70D2CE BCA99B83
P1 Max PowerUp Lvl 2 DE70D2CA BCA99B83
P2 Auto Power-Up DE704DE6 FDC99B83
DE704DE2 FDC99B83
P2 Power-Up Level 1 DE704DE6 FDC99B83
P2 Power-Up Level 2 DE704DE6 FDC99B83
DE704DE2 FDC99B83
P2 No Power-Ups DE704DE6 BCA99B83
P2 Max PowerUp Lvl 1 DE704DE2 BCA99B83
P2 Max PowerUp Lvl 2 DE704DEE BCA99B83

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