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Name Code(s)
Attack Item Modifier Codes 24
Attack Item Slot Modifiers 22
Attack Slot Status Modifier Codes 22
Defence Item Modifier Codes 1
Defence Item Slot Modifiers Codes 34
Player 2 Codes 6
Attack Item Type Modifier Codes (00-10) 22
Defense Item Modifier Codes 35
Gold Codes 14
Health Codes 5
Energy Codes 8
Armour And Weapon Modifiers 0
These Codes Will Overwrite The Items In The Relevant Slot. Make Sure You Have An Item In The Slot You Wish To Modify. 5

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
0C175D4B F89C1FB7
Infinite Health 3C20A8D3 46C4FEFE
Max Health 3C20A8D7 46C4FEFE
Infinite Magic 3C20A8EB 46C4FEFE
Max Magic 3C20A8EF 46C4FEFE
Max/Infinite Money 3C20A80B F814487E
Carry No Weight 2C20A855 F8FCFEFE
Infinite Upgrade Points 1C20A80F F8FCFE53
Play As Lotor 2C20A77B F8FCFEF3
P2 Inf Health 3C20E0B3 46C4FEFE
P2 Max Health 3C20E0B7 46C4FEFE
P2 Inf Magic 3C20E0CB 46C4FEFE
P2 Max Magic 3C20E1CF 46C4FEFE
P2 No Weight Carried 2C20E135 F8FCFEFE
P2 Inf/Max Money 3C20E1EB F814487E
P2 Inf Upgrade Pnts 2C20E1EF F8FCFE53

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