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Name Code(s)
Forest Edge Codes 2
The Gorge Codes 2
Hueys Track Codes 2
Dangerous Cliffs Codes 2
Bernadettes Peak Codes 1
First Avenue Codes 2
The Roofs Codes 2
Deweys Rooftops Codes 2
Urban High Rises Codes 2
Beagle Boys Tower Codes 1
Haunted Hall Codes 2
Earie Alley Codes 2
Louies Creepy Corridor Codes 2
Ghostly Path Codes 2
Magicas Devilsh Dome Codes 1
Temples Entrance Codes 2
Artifact Way Codes 2
The Nephews Murky Way Codes 2
Ancient Fate Codes 2
Ceremonial Room Codes 1
Activators & Enable Code 19
Main 4

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On ECB6D2D0 1456E79B
Infinite Lives 4C12739C 1456E7A2
Infinite Time 4CCBAE94 1456502C
Cogs Modifier 4C127398 1456E781

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