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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite AP 800B85E0 0009
800B85E6 0009
800B861C 0009
800B8622 0009
800B86D0 0009
800B86D6 0009
800B8658 0009
800B865E 0009
800B8694 0009
800B869A 0009
Infinite HP 800B85E2 03E7
800B85E4 03E7
800B861E 03E7
800B8620 03E7
800B86D2 03E7
800B86D4 03E7
800B865A 03E7
800B865C 03E7
800B8696 03E7
800B8698 03E7
Max AT 800B85E8 03E7
800B8624 03E7
800B86D6 03E7
800B8660 03E7
800B869C 03E7
Max DF 800B85EA 03E7
800B8626 03E7
800B86DA 03E7
800B8662 03E7
800B869E 03E7
Max Hit Rate 800B85EC 03E7
800B8628 03E7
800B86DC 03E7
800B8664 03E7
800B86A0 03E7
Max Esc Rate 800B85EE 03E7
800B862A 03E7
800B86DE 03E7
800B8666 03E7
800B86A2 03E7

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