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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Joker Command D00D2230 ????
Infinite Health 8013BAFC 0400
8011 87BC 0400
Infinite Grenades 8013BA60 0003
Infinite Ammo 8013BAEA 0074
801187AA 0074
Infinite Fire/Bullet 80118738 000F
Infinite Health 800A3AD0 0000
800A3AD2 0000
Mission Select Option 1 D00D2230 0102
800D2092 0001
800D2010 0001
Infinite Energy And All Weapon Available 800D2010 0001

# Note
1 While you are in battle field hold R2 and press select button (Controller 1) for Mission select option available

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