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Name Code(s)
Have Gold Trophy Codes 16

Name Code Hacker(s)
Max Series Points (Never Lose Cup) 2218CA54 00000063
Unlock All Gps 220D5578 000000FF
Unlock All Cups 220D5C8D 000000FF
Unlock Time Attack 220D5C8C 00000032
Low Time: All Tracks A20D5610 00000001
D5000000 00010001
C0000000 00000024
D6000000 020D557C
D2000000 00000000
120D5610 00000001
All Gold Trophies 220D565D 00000000
120D565E 00000000
020D5660 00000000
020D5664 00000000
020D5668 00000000

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