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Name Code(s)
Time Trials Codes 2

Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives 220F19A0 00000063
Max Stars 220F1A1C 00000063
Infinite Health 220F181C 00000020
Infinite Rainbow 1211CF60 00000200
All Levels Unlocked (Main Game) 220F1894 00000007
All Weapons 220F18CC 0000001F
Shadow Run/Sub Games Unlocked 120F1990 0000FFFF
220F1994 00000077
All Options Unlocked 020F1B34 06061914
020F1B38 090A0906
020F1B3C 090A090A
020F1B40 0303030A
020F1B44 0E0C0732
020F1B48 01010101
020F1B4C 01010101
020F1B50 01010101
020F1B54 01010101
020F1B58 01010101
All Levels Cleared 020F1B74 1F1F1F1F
020F1B78 1F1F1F1F
020F1B7C 1F1F1F1F
020F1B80 1F1F1F1F
020F1B84 1F1F1F1F
120F1B88 00001F1F

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