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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Heartbeat Always 80 0217E830 00000329
Infinite Misses 0217D9E8 00000000
Freeze Time Limit 0217D9F4 0001001C
Have 9999 Operation Score 0217D9E4 0000270F
Infinite Healing Touch Time 0217E7D0 0000270F
Infinite Laser 0217DAE8 00000064
Infinite Antibiotic Gel 0217DB3C 00000064
Infinite Drain 0217DB98 00000064
Infinite Forceps 0217E27C 00000064
Infinite Scanner 0217E2EC 00000064
Infinite Scalpel 0217E3A0 00000064
Infinite Stitches 0217E42C 00000064
Infinite Syringe 0217E6A0 00000064

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