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Name Code(s)
Score (In Race) Codes 4
Takedowns (In Race) Codes 10
Lap Modifier Codes 20
Start On Lap Codes 20
Unlock Cars By Class 14
Unlock Single Cars 144
Compact Class Gold Medals 26
Muscle Class Gold Medals 28
Coupe Class Gold Medals 28
Sports Class Gold Medals 28
Super Class Gold Medals 30

Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On 00000000 00000000
Max Overall Burnout Points 02130358 3B9AC9FF
Max Overall Takedowns 0213035C 0000270F
Max Overall Crash Dollars 02130340 3B9AC9FF
Infinite Boost 0212AED8 00002000
Max Boost Meter 2212AEDC 00000003
All Trophies 22130361 000000FF
22130362 000000FF
All Signature Takedowns 12130408 0000FFFF

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