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Name Code(s)
Partner 1 Clothing Codes 11
Partner 2 Clothing Codes 12
Partner 3 Clothing Codes 12
Food Codes 80
Wallpaper Codes 12
Carpet Codes 12
Floor Codes 12
Window Codes 12
Misc. Room Item Codes 36
Flower Codes 12
Light Codes 12
Furniture Codes 18
Furnature Codes 18

Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Gotchi 0236E864 3B9AC9FF
Dentist Game: Max Clients 1236E86E 0000E803
Dentist Game: Max Smiles 1236E870 0000E803
Cleaners Game: Max Clients 1236E898 0000E803
Cleaners Game: Max Smiles 1236E89A 0000E803

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