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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Full Hunger Meter 02142A30 63D6DB78
Full Cleanliness Meter 02142A34 63D6DB78
Full Sleep Meter 02142A38 63D6DB78
Full Social Meter 02142A3C 63D6DB78
Full Comfort Meter 02142A40 63D6DB78
Full Toilet Meter 02142A44 63D6DB78
Full Entertainment Meter 02142A48 63D6DB78
Full House-Decor Meter 02142A4C 63D6DB78
Infinite Simoleons 02142950 000F423F
Max Cooking Skill 22142A1B 0000000A
Max Mechanical Skill 22142A1F 0000000A
Max Creativity Skill 22142A23 0000000A
Max Body Skill 22142A27 0000000A
Max Logic Skill 22142A2B 0000000A
Max Charisma Skill 22142A2F 0000000A
Have Max Beads 02142A68 00000063
Max Rep With All Groups 02142A6C 0A0A0A0A
Have 99 Piles Of Trash 22142A88 00000063
Have 99 Aluminum Cans 22142A89 00000063
Have 99 License Plates 22142A8A 00000063
Have 99 Nuclear Fuel Rods 22142A8B 00000063
Have 99 Three-eyed Bog Frogs 22142A8C 00000063
Have 99 Apples 22142A8D 00000063
Have 99 Chocolate 22142A8E 00000063
Have 99 Flour 22142A8F 00000063
Have 99 Lemons 22142A90 00000063
Have 99 Nuts 22142A91 00000063
Have 99 Strawberries 22142A92 00000063
Have 99 Sugar 22142A93 00000063
Have 99 Vanilla 22142A94 00000063
Have 99 Nuggets Of Amber 22142A95 00000063
Freeze Time - Sleep To Advance Time 0214295C 00000000

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