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Name Code Hacker(s)
(M) Must Be On EC86B2A8 1456E60A
Have Infinite Life Crystals 29E75265 00000063
Have Infinite Red Fruits 70B5E222 00000063
Have Infinite Yellow Fruits B9860BAD 00000063
Have Infinite Ko Asteroids 1FD427B1 00000063
Have Infinite Burning Asteroids 472A2EE9 00000063
Have Infinite Throwing Stones 97383BD7 00000063
Have Infinite Phosphorescent Stone C87BD6D8 00000063
Have Infinite Power Stone 29575265 00000063
Infinite Health For Aladar ADE360B1 00000096
Infinite Health For Zini EDA729B4 00000032
Infinite Health For Flia 439A2EE9 00000063
Infinite Health Zini 4C2D1D98 1456E7D7
Infinite Health Flia 4C2D1D9C 1456E781
Infinite Health Aladar 4C2D1D94 1456E733
Infinite Life Crystals 4C2D1A70 1456E788
Infinite Orange Fruit 4C2D1A74 1456E788
Infinite Yellow Fruit 4C2D1A78 1456E788
Infinite Ko Asteroids 4C2D1A7C 1456E788
Infinite Burning Asteroids 4C2D1A80 1456E788
Infinite Throwing Rocks 4C2D1A84 1456E788
Infinite Phosp.stones 4C2D1A88 1456E788
Infinite Power Stones 4C2D1A8C 1456E788

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