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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Health 1EB40F4D 000000C8
All Files 5827AEB0 FFFFFFFF
All Weapons In Crate 8433D4E7 00000001
D138DA38 00000002
19044F76 00000003
6DEB32A6 00000004
91E85310 00000005
EFD74173 00000006
30917DA0 00000007
8483D4E7 00000008
BF26636A 00000009
19744F76 0000000A
33517DA0 0000000B
8743D4E7 0000000C
BCE6636A 0000000D
1AB44F76 0000000E
5AC72EB0 0000000F
AC030876 00000010
D228DA38 00000011
33217DA0 00000012
6EFB32A6 00000013
BC56636A 00000014
Infinite Ammo For All Weapons BFAE636A 000000FF
19FC4F76 000000FF
41C2462E 000000FF
91D05310 000000FF
CE53BE1F 000000FF
2F7F3AA2 000000FF
6DB332A6 000000FF
BF1E636A 000000FF
EF8F4173 000000FF
41B2462E 000000FF
6E7332A6 000000FF
BCDE636A 000000FF
EC4F4173 000000FF
4272462E 000000FF
871BD4E7 000000FF
D210DA38 000000FF
1AEC4F76 000000FF
6E0332A6 000000FF
92C05310 000000FF
ECFF4173 000000FF

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