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Name Code(s)
Rumpus Room Codes 7
Dino Upstairs Codes 7
Dino Downstairs Codes 7
Dinotoplis Codes 7
Saving Claude Codes 7
SS Meer Codes 7
VLF Facility Codes 14
VAB Building Codes 13
Cape Canardo Codes 14
Saving Juanita Codes 14
Beaver Dam Codes 14
God Machine Valley Codes 14
Compound Factions Codes 14
Beaver Power Codes 14
Saving Gwynth Codes 14
Quackenheim Museum Codes 14
Lower East Quack Codes 14
World Quack Center Codes 14
New Quack City Codes 14
Village Codes 14
Codes Beginning With "0" Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 0
All Tokens/babies 11
All Tokens And Babies 4
FF Village Codes 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Ammo Pistol-home 5D5759F0 00000009
Infinite Ammo Shotgun-home A78B7371 00000009
Infinite Pistol-new Quack City DBD8A338 00000064
Infinite Pistol-quack Center 8023A74F 00000009
Infinite Shotgn-new Quack City 131C3676 00000009
Infinite Shotgun-quack Center BBBE10C2 00000009
Infinite Ammo - All Weapons/Levels A8C35529 00009090

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