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Name Code(s)
Codes Beginning With"0"Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 10

Name Code Hacker(s)
Have Infinite Coins For Album 474A1135 000003E7
999 Coins P1 407A1135 000003E7
999 Coins P2 39612ABC 000003E7
999 Coins P3 407A1132 000003E7
999 Coins P4 39612ABD 000003E7
P1 Has 0 Coins 407A1135 00000000
P2 Has 0 Coins 39612ABC 00000000
P3 Has 0 Coins 407A1132 00000000
P4 Has 0 Coins 39612ABD 00000000

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