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Name Code(s)
Codes Beginning With"0"Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 9

Name Code Hacker(s)
Have Infinite Rings 847B9457 000000C8
Have Infinite Seteks 59A76E00 0000270F
Energy Stats At 200 599F6E00 000000C8
Fight Xp Set High 2FD77A12 000000C8
Dodge Stats At 200 CEFBFEAF 000000C8
Body Resistance Stats At 200 EE9F01C3 000000C8
Attack Stats At 200 BE3623DA 000000C8
Speed Stats At 200 90A013A0 000000C8
Mana Stats At 200 6C9B7216 000000C8
Infiniteintie Ammo - Double Waver 5A076E00 000000A0
Infinite Ammo - Octogun 87DB9457 000000A0
Infinite Ammo - Decagun ACC348C6 000000A0
Infinite Ammo - Megazooka D2D09A88 000000A0
Infinite Ammo - Hypra D2E89A88 000000A0

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