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Name Code(s)
Codes Beginning With"0"Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 1
1st Character Codes [Note 1] 9

Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Money C92BFE16 0000270F
Max Strength - David E8872E4F 000003E7
Max Dexterity - David 46BA2912 000003E7
Max Range Skill - David 5F87418C 000003E7
Max Wisdom - David A943674A 000003E7
Max Constitution - David D768B504 000003E7
Max Armour Class - David 5FF7418C 000003E7
Max/Infinite Health - David 3661129C 000003E7
C8ABD123 000003E7
Max/Infinite Magic - David 70C5E5D9 000003E7
F9E9A05D 000003E7
Max/Infinite Health - Sekune 8EA3BBBC 000003E7
D458B563 000003E7
Max/Infinite Health - Jug 2CB755BF 000003E7
ACC3676B 000003E7
Max/Infinite Magic - Jug 5A0741AD 000003E7
D2E8B525 000003E7
Max/Infinite Health - Vivienne C24BD0E0 000003E7
61AB5C59 000003E7
Max/Infinite Magic - Vivienne 15442189 000003E7
9DA83DEF 000003E7

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