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Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 9 Lives Instead Of 3 DB68-4F00 Galoob
Infinite Lives (Only 3/4 View Levels) C9A5-1764 Galoob
Start With 6 Test Tubes D16F-4464
Start With 9 Test Tubes DB6F-4464
Protection From Some Hazards C9A7-C404 Galoob
Cape Sweep Uses Up No Energy DDAE-3707 Galoob
Spear Gun Uses Up No Energy DD2F-4FAD Galoob
Cape Sweep Uses Up More Energy FDAE-3707 Galoob
Spear Gun Uses Up More Energy FD2F-4FAD Galoob
Maximum Energy From Hearts DD2E-3D6B Galoob
Cape Sweep Does More Damage F9CF-4F05 Galoob
Normal Punch Does More Damage F9CD-4705 Galoob
Normal Knee Does More Damage F9CD-4765 Galoob
Cape Sweep Does Mega-Damage 7DCF-4F05 Galoob
Normal Punch Does Mega-Damage 7DCD-4705 Galoob
Normal Knee Does Mega-Damage 7DCD-4765 Galoob
Cape Sweep Does Less Damage D4CF-4F05 Galoob
Normal Punch Does Less Damage D4CD-4705 Galoob
Normal Knee Does Less Damage D4CD-4765 Galoob
Jump Kick Does Mega-Damage 7DCF-4D05
Jump Kick Does More Damage F9CF-4D05
Jump Kick Does Less Damage D4CF-4D05
Level Select 1 C963-C40F gedowski

# Note
1 There's a hidden in game level select, but the text for that screen doesn't show up. Start the game and continue till it shows the cutscene right before stage 1. At the cutscene, press start once to go to a black screen. The black screen is where the level select is. Keep pressing up to increase the level number for a maximum of 6 times. After you pick what level you want to go to, press right once to start about halfway thru the level, and twice to start near the end of the level. Turn code off after the level load up.

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