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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives DDF0-740D CheatMaster
Protection From Most Attacks CDF7-57AD CheatMaster
Get Chili When Hit DFF2-7D05 CheatMaster
Get Milk When Hit DFFA-74A5 CheatMaster
Free Loogies DD5C-74A9 CheatMaster
Free Boogers DD53-E760 CheatMaster
Free Regular Belches DD55-5F09 CheatMaster
Free Super Belches DD51-8FA9 CheatMaster
Free Regular Farts DD54-87D1 CheatMaster
Free Super Farts DD54-ED61 CheatMaster
Free Regular Chili Belches/Farts DDB8-5DD5 CheatMaster
Free Super Chili Belches/Farts DDBB-8765 CheatMaster
Free Rocket Farts DDFE-7FD1 CheatMaster

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